Friday, January 27, 2012

User Interface Improvements

Until AM's new user interface now works better also with small screen sizes

The newest release is a more or less miscellaneous collection of small refinements: 
  • The user interface graphics have been polished here and there. 
  • Main menu was added to the top, quite empty at the moment but going to get handy for sure once the app becomes more complex. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts for playing and pausing the turntables were added, and a list of all available shortcuts is available at the Help section of the top menu. 
  • Double click a song on the list to queue it immediately to the "most idle" deck. In most cases the hidden logic does the trick for you, but if you like more control you're still welcome to drag'n'drop the songs onto whichever turntable you prefer.
  • Once again, we found a way to reduce the CPU load by 10%.
  • Some non-critical yet annoying bugs were found, and fixed of course.  Parts of the code were also restructured, ensuring the foundation of the house is solid before moving on to build the upper floors.
This kind of stuff is both minor and major at the same time: no huge leaps forward feature-wise, but details make the difference while striving towards a perfect user experience.


  1. Hey great Dj Tool, because they do an app for iOs or android for iPad/tablets. would be amazing. thanks