Friday, January 20, 2012

Song Downloading & Keyboard Control Added

Download song by clicking the small arrow at the upper right corner of the song box.

During the first days after the Until AM website launch, we've already received some feedback from the users. Great, keep it coming! 

Based on user input, we've now released a new version with important updates:
  • Downloading songs in mp3 format 
  • Keyboard shortcuts for controlling the cross fader
  • Performance improvements: playback and scratching requires even less CPU than before
  • Website face lift
  • Minor bug fixes

If a song is available for download, you'll find a small arrow next to it (see right side of the picture above). Whether downloading a particular song is possible or not naturally depends on the decision made by the artist who chose to share the song.

Simply click the arrow, and the download starts. What exactly happens next depends on your browser settings, but typically you'll find yourself staring at a pop-up window for choosing the download folder on your computer. After the download has finished, you can open the mp3 file with any normal music player.

The crossfader can now be controlled with the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard. Clicking or holding down the arrow key moves the crossfader little by little. Shift-clicking causes a smooth transition to the extreme end to happen over time. Finally, alt-clicking moves the crossfader completely to the desired side at once. More keyboard shortcuts are coming up later, but we felt the crossfader was the most important thing to get your mixing session going.

Happy downloading!


  1. not bad as it goes...just 1 thing ..can you add a "cue" button for the h.phones

  2. you should make until am as a program it would be wicked but still have it connecting to internet to play music