Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Until AM website and blog opened!

Until AM loose in the wild 

The shiny and new Until AM website is now online. Some visitors might find the app and the site strangely familiar, and no wonder: Until AM was initially published at the website. However, we thought the DJ application is cool enough to deserve a website of its own, so for the sake of clarity we separated the DJ tool and the composing studio into individual services. Both services are still being developed by the same crew, so basically not so much has changed production-wise.

To stay up to date with the development of Until AM, follow this blog, the Facebook page and the Twitter feed. Remember, this is still an early beta and hopefully we're able to release new features and other improvements on a regular basis.

And once again, please share your comments, proposals and possible bug reports with us! Any user feedback is extremely valuable for us and enables us to develop the app into the proper direction.


  1. soundcloud connectivity not working in firefox?

    good to see it has pitch control though!

  2. how do you record on it i can't.
    This app is usseless.