Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Major tech update: version 0.2.1 released

Under the hood of the Until AM mixer  

Alongside with the brand new website launch, Until AM has gone through a massive reprogramming operation. While the first public beta served as a proof-of-concept level prototype, we now managed to greatly improve the speed and user experience of the app.

As a result, the new version now features:
  • RAM required to run the program was cut to less than 10% of the earlier. In practice this means Until AM should work also on older and slower machines without problems.
  • The mechanism of preloading and preprocessing the audio files has been radically boosted, so you can start the record playback immediately after a song has been selected.
  • All SoundCloud songs are now available for playback. You can access even long mixtapes just as quick as standard length songs: the beginning of the track is playable straight on, even though the end part is still being loaded.
  • You can cancel the preloading of a song simply by dropping a new one onto the turntable, and it's OK to load new tracks onto both decks at the same time. This is handy especially when you're dealing with mixtapes or other relatively heavy files.
  • The annoyances caused by missing browser scrollbars on some platforms have been solved, and you're now able to use the software with any screen resolution.

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