Monday, April 2, 2012

Until AM Rocking Swift And Steady

Increasing popularity of Until AM has led into a so called positive problem: our old server couldn't handle it any more.

The amount of daily visitors to Until AM has been on a steady rise since the beginning, which is by itself a nice thing of course. However, as a side effect we've repeatedly run into annoying and unexpected service breaks due to insufficient bandwidth and unreliability of our hosting service solution. We decided it's about time to fix this for good, so we moved the whole service to a new environment where we have full control over our own server and all but unlimited technical capabilities for upscaling.

In a nutshell:
  • Reduced app startup time because of faster connections, especially if you happen to be on the US side of the globe
  • Further speed upgrade due to file size optimization
  • And thanks to a more robust server environment in general, we expect the app to be available at all times without any more breaks


  1. can you do a version with more than 2 players? that would be great. i'd like maybe 3 or 4. is that possible?

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