Friday, February 10, 2012

New Features: Favorite Songs and Play History

Return to your personal DJ set on Until AM. 

This week we added some intelligence to the songs management, making it easier and faster for you to find your way in the backwoods of SoundCloud.

At the bottom of the songs list there are now buttons for accessing the lists of your favorite songs as well as the ones you've played earlier. Current search results are displayed on a separate list, just like before.

Next to the song name on the list you'll find a small star symbol. By clicking this you can mark the song as your favorite. The play history list is growing by itself: whenever you add a record onto the turntable, Until AM remembers it.

You don't need to spend your time worrying about saving files or logging in - just browse to the website again and your stuff is where you left it. In this sense, you might think of Play history and Favorites as conceptual cousins to the familliar features of the web browser, History and Bookmarks. 

We also added a small but useful user interface amendment: you can now adjust the space reserved for the songs list and the actual DJing area by grabbing the line between the two panels. This allows users with a large display to utilize the available screen estate more effectively.


  1. What about if i have more to one computer in different internet providers? history and favourite ?...

  2. @dacsi:
    History and Favorites are stored locally in the memory of the user's computer, so each computer has it's own lists of songs. However, it's one of our future plans to implement sharing this information between several machines, but since this would require quite a lot of work it's not there yet.

  3. could you integrate an Auto Fader if the song ends and a Realtime Playlist where i can say what the Deck should play for the next ten or more songs?

    Sorry for my bad bad english!